Call Me: Advanced EXCERPT




Done for.




Completely fucked.

I need to get a grip.

I knew taking the job here was going be a risk; it always is when taking a job where you’re the one on faculty with less seniority. What I didn’t expect was that there might be a risk that could well end my goddamned career. And one I’d meet on the first day of school.

It’s my first year teaching at the University of Toronto. I was headhunted by the school, and finally agreed to make the move from Queen’s in Kingston to Toronto this year. Having my friends Mercer and Dylan both teaching here helped with my decision, but it was the chair offering me the two courses I loved to teach most that cinched it: Sexual Aesthetics & Representations in Film and Masters Thesis Essay in Sexual Diversity in Film. Both fascinating courses, both fourth year, and both with the same student that has me rethinking my decision to come here.

Three words.

Ellie Raine Hughes.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and honestly my first impression of Ellie, albeit unique, is one I’ll not soon forget. Never have I had quite the ‘meet cute’ as I did this morning—she is fucking adorable. I swear to Christ, I thought my dick was going to spring out of my jeans when she settled into the seat in front of me in my Sexual Aesthetics class.

First impression: not only is Ellie beautiful, she smells incredible, a mix of fruit and candy with a subtle vanilla twist, and I’ve never smelled anything quite so satisfying before. Don’t get me started on my thoughts when she took her jacket off. I’m curious to see if she’s actually a serious student or just the little jokester I saw glimpses of this morning. Not going to lie, I’m eager to find out.

I always like to sit back and observe the students as they make their way into class on the first day. I find it gives me a better sense of who’s who, provides me with good insight for the semester; it gives a kind of outlook as to what type of class I might have on my hands. Is there a good balance of serious and non-serious students? Are they a loud crew? Is the room full of the students that think this will be a bird credit? And so on. This morning however I noted none of that. Sitting behind Ellie and Courtney only proved to distract me from my ritual viewing as my eyes and ears didn’t make it past them. I was instead too caught up in them—in her.

As soon as I heard her honeyed voice make its way to my chair, my ears weren’t the only things that perked up to pay attention. As I sat back, I saw that Ellie’s smile was just as infectious as her laugh, and my senses zeroed in on her—and only her—during the time I was meant to be observing everyone coming in the lecture hall. Unfortunately, I honestly couldn’t tell you shit about the rest of the students, only her.

If she’s as smart as she is attractive, then she’ll definitely be somebody’s jackpot. From experience, though, it’s never the way. It’s rare that a woman is blessed with the trifecta of wit, intelligence and beauty that Ellie’s Mr. Vernon reply indicated. I might just like holding her for detention. Either way I’ll gladly accept the lovely view for the semester. I myself prefer brains, with a more understated beauty, not that it would matter if I were attracted to her anyway, teacher/students relations are a no-go.

However, listening to the two girls was quite entertaining. Entertaining to the point where I was almost late starting the class. Miss Hughes seems to have a rebel streak, that whole “A for asshole” joke peaked my curiosity. I’m very interested is seeing what type of student Miss Hughes will be. Truth be told I’d like to hear her thoughts on me more than I’d care to admit. Did she find me intimidating? Good looking? Does she think I’ll be some stuck up film guy or did she like what she saw?

I have a pretty good idea where Ellie’s friend was going before I choose that as my point of entry into the conversation, once I’d realized the time of course. Luckily I managed to start class on time, all the while gaining two new model students, I presume. The look on both women’s’ faces was priceless, once I’d introduced myself after I stood up from the seat behind them, shocking the shit out of them. The blush over Ellie’s was even more compelling. Now if I could stop trying to imagine what the rest of her would look like flushed under my perusal.

Ellie Raine Hughes could be big trouble if I’m not careful.

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